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Topographic and Tree Mapping for Engineering Design and Land Development

Spooner and Associates (S&A) has specialized in topographic mapping for projects of all types for over thirty years. With thousands of miles of mapping completed, S&A can complete your topographic mapping project with the experience it takes to get it done right.

Aerial Mapping Services

The Firm has a fleet of drones equipped with high resolution cameras and LiDAR sensors ready to be deployed on projects of all sizes. The use of aerial mapping provides our clients with a distinct advantage when used in conjunction with traditional surveying technology. Our aerial mapping services are turn-key and can easily be integrated in the traditional survey workflow clients are accustomed to.

ALTA/NSPS & Land Title Surveys for Commercial/Retail

Spooner and Associates has over 30 years of experience produce ALTA/NSPS and Land Title Surveys for commercial and retail projects of all sizes. The firm and its team has the experience to close your project with confidence.

As-Built Survey Services

We have integrated the latest in surveying technology to create as-built deliverables for projects of all types. From civil to architectural fields, S&A can provide the as-built survey you need for your project.

Terrestrial and Airborne LiDAR Survey Services

Spooner and Associates has an extensive aerial data collection capacity that includes drones equipped with LIDAR equipment. Our drones are capable of collecting high resolution orthographic imagery that is geo-referenced to ground control to ensure accuracy. This technology allows the Surveyor to capture ground data under tree canopy and in high brush conditions at an incredibly affordable price for the owner. Ground based LiDAR enables the ability to capture mapping on projects with personal safety concerns or areas that cannot shut down while mapping is conducted. The Firm has over a decade of experience in processing LiDAR datasets and can provide a deliverable that provides a benefit to clients of all technical ability.

Subdivision Platting and Easement Services

The Spooner team can provide professional survey deliverables of all types. If it requires a survey, Spooner can perform the service.

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